Antique Restoration

These are a few of the Antiques we have restored

Antique Restoration

Interfaze Technologies Buys, Sells and Retores Antiques.

Here are a few of the Antiques we have Restored

1813 Corona (Standard Folding Typewriter)

1890-1910 Soarch Searchight

 Acetylene Bicycle Lamp & Railroad


1917 Victor Talking Machine VV-IV

1914-1920 Edison Amberola 30



1936 RCA Victor Model C6-12

1930's Automatic Electric AE34 cradle phone


1949 Singer Sewing Machine Model 99

  1947 Admiral 30A12S (1st Model)

1980s Sears portable 8 track player
Vintage 1950's Chic Hair Dryer
1960s Singer Toy sewing machine
1985 AM/FM Blabber Radio

Edison Ekonowatt motor 1920s

1957-1971 Tektronix 515A Oscilloscope

1935 GE #8B04 New Executive

 Electric Cyclometer Clock

1933-34 Telechron model 8B01 clock

 known as the "Minitmaster". 


921-22 Aeriola Senior Receiver Radio

 1946 Philco Radio with 78 Record

 player with Auto Changer


1950s Admiral 5E22 Radio

VV 1-5 Victrola Portable

Sentinal Radio

Weighted Bell Clock

(No clue on make or Age)
Pre 1930 Sentianl Radio 70A
brunswick phon 1940 Silvertone
1929 Brunswick Panatrop phongraph 1940 Silvertone Radio and phono
1947 Bendix 1952 Zennith Radio
1947 Bendix End Table/Radio/Phongraph 1952 Zennith Radio
1938 Coronado Farm Radio  Edison Home phongraph
1938 Coronado Farm Radio 1904-1909 Edison Home Phongraph
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