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Interfaze with God
Lessons & Studies in Following Christ
All documents are in Microsoft Word format

 --> 2 Minutes with Christ - Video devotions



Persistence In Prayer - Child like faith

Call up on the Lord

In Gods Time- waiting on the Lord

Standing in The Gap

Listen God is speaking

Gods Promise & Blessing

How to pray

Seeking God.docx

Filled Whith the Spirit

Excepting Christ / Faith

Come follow me_Not A Fan

He that Believes- Are you a Christian

My Parents Religion

Not now but maybe later

life Changing Event

Invasion of the body snatchers

Faith That Gows (The Trees)

Stepping out of the Boat Part 1

Stepping out in Faith Part 2

Child Like Faith

Value of Faith

Who is God

The Holiness of God

The Power of God

Why Glorify God

Put God First

God has feeling too

The Name Above All Names

Who is Jesus

Who is the Holy Spirit.docx

The Trinity

Filled Whith the Spirit

Angels & Demons



Finding Joy In hard Times

Facing the Waves

Leaning on Gods Strength (Thorn)

More than I can handle

Fight the Good Fight and Finish the Race

The Extra mile


SIN_Breaking the Shackles of Sin P1

SIN_God Restores the Sinner P2

My Pride

Hard hearted & The Unforgivable Sin

The Conflict of 2 natures

Broken things

Judging others

Putting God in a Box


Are we there yet

Have no Fear for God is Here (Hope & Fear)

The Small Things

The Extra mile

Serving with our Gifts & talents

Made in God's Image

A Witness for Christ

Dont Be A Fool



Faith or Works

Kingdom of Heaven

Prophecy of Christ

Religious pluralism

Resurrection, Heaven and Hell

The Light

The Trinity

Who is Jesus

Once Saved Always Saved or Not

The New covenant Commands


The Sermon on the Mount

Walking in God's presence

The Reality of Evil

Christianity begins where religion ends

Understanding Suffering

Understanding Blessings

Trust and Give Thanks


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